The fall of the semicolon: punctuation evolving

The semicolon – an enigmatic punctuation mark. It has long been a source of controversy. Researchers report a 25% decline in its use in British fiction over the past 30 years.

14 March 2024 by Dave Child

What copywriters can learn from David Ogilvy

David Ogilvy was a pioneer in marketing and advertising, and his advice is still relevant today.

13 November 2023 by Dave Child

Readable Grammar 101: What is the simple subject in grammar?

The simple subject of a sentence is the person, place, thing, or idea that the sentence is about.

11 October 2023 by Dave Child

AI VS Editor: the future of readability

AI VS Editor sounds like some kind of grandiose sci-fi horror film for grammarians. But it’s actually a hot topic in the editing world.

30 June 2023 by Dave Child

The act of verbing a noun

Recently, a lawyer used the term 'straitjacketing' as a verb. Some grammarians were disgruntled. What is verbing and how can we use it effectively?

12 April 2023 by Dave Child

Readable grammar 101: acronyms and initialisms

Acronyms and initialisms often get confused. Find out what acronyms and initialisms are, how social media has blurred the line, and examples of both.

11 May 2021 by Natasha Horrelt

Readable grammar 101: semicolons

The semicolon is a commonly misunderstood punctuation mark. Find out its purpose, appropriateness and how to best use it.  

8 September 2020 by Laura Kelly

Readable grammar 101: That VS Which

Confusing the words ‘that’ and ‘which’ is a common grammar mistake. This is because they can both be used as relative pronouns. Find out how to use both.

2 April 2020 by Laura Kelly

Readable grammar 101: A valentine edition

Where does the apostrophe go, anyway? Does bad grammar make for unsuccessful dating? Why February 14th? And more from us to you this Valentine’s Day...

13 February 2020 by Laura Kelly

Readable grammar 101 – writing in the second person

What does it mean to write in the second person? What effect can it have on your writing? We'll help you use it to your advantage.

30 January 2020 by Laura Kelly

5 grammar “rules” which aren’t real

Many well-known grammar rules stem from outdated advice. What are some of these unreasonable guidelines and why are they no longer necessary? 

7 November 2019 by Laura Kelly

Are you using the active voice in your content?

What is the active voice, and how can Readable’s passive voice detector help you maintain it?

31 May 2019 by Laura Kelly