Our Readable story

Readable – formerly readability-score.com – is a collection of tools for improving the quality of your writing.

We believe there is a clearer, smarter and better way to write. A way that helps your readers easily understand what you are trying to say, promote or describe.

With unrivaled readability scoring, we help marketers, authors, lawyers, and anyone else with a passion for writing.

Dave Child

Dave is the founder of Readable and has been building websites since the early 90s. He’s one of those fortunate people who gets to do what he loves for a living.

Laura Kelly, customer success champion

Laura Kelly
Customer Success Champion

Laura is an English MA graduate who loves language, unputdownable books, coffee and being a Customer Success Champion at Readable. Her hobbies include sightseeing, sketching, and film photography.

Ruth Colmer | readable.io, researcher and writer

Ruth Colmer
Researcher and writer

Ruth is a freelance writer, researcher, and lecturer. She likes reading, cooking, writing stories, travel, and human beings.


Readability-score.com was born

After discovering Rudolf Flesch's Reading Ease, Readable founder, Dave Child, was inspired. He began to develop a tool for measuring readability online, at Readability-score.com.

Our first customers

Before long this new tool was attracting attention and usage grew. Dave enhanced the offering by adding the Gunning Fog grade level algorithm and the first few paid features.


Moved to readable.io

After realising – far too late – that readability-score.com was ironically hard to read, we moved home and said hello to the much easier to spell readable.io.

The team begins to grow

Dave welcomed Ruth Colmer to the Readable team as a freelance writer and researcher.


Reporting comes of age

Printable readability reports added, giving users clearer results and actions to work on. The Readable community continued to grow, at pace.


Steve joins the team

Steve Linney joins Readable as the Chief Marketing Officer.

ReadablePro goes live

Offering a full array of readability tools. ReadablePro is the world’s most advanced readability service.

Quickly, easily and effectively measure your writing. From one page blogs, through to product laden online stores, and complicated terms and conditions. ReadablePro has you covered.

Laura joins the team

Laura Kelly joins Readable as our Customer Success Champion.


Moved to readable.com

In what we hope is the last time we change our domain, we moved to readable.com.

The Future ...