Morphemes: the invisible building blocks of pop-cultural language

Ever wondered how a single word like "un-friend-able" can pack such a punch? Or how "OMG" can express a whole rollercoaster of emotions?  The answer lies in the magical world of morphemes, the smallest units of meaning in a language.

15 February 2024 by Laura Kelly

The global efforts to preserve endangered languages

Recent findings are sobering: we are losing languages. We are losing linguistic diversity. Unless we take decisive action, these windows into history will close.

29 January 2024 by Aimee Fleming

New book explores the future of language

Language is the essence of human communication. But what happens when language itself starts to change?

16 January 2024 by Laura Kelly

Cambridge Dictionary’s Word of the Year reflects AI’s increasing influence

This year’s ‘Word of the Year’ is reflective of the times. What is it, and what does it say about our language landscape? You’re not hallucinating… The word ‘hallucinate’ is the Cambridge Word of the Year for 2023. This highlights the growing impact of AI on language and society. At first, it may seem strange […]

14 December 2023 by Dave Child

The changing sounds of Britain: the decline of RP

For most of the 20th century, Received Pronunciation (RP), also known as "BBC English" or "the Queen's English", was the most prestigious accent in Britain. This non-regional accent originated in the upper-middle class of southern England. It was seen as the epitome of refined speech and social standing. Its adoption by the BBC further cemented its standardisation. Why is this no longer the case?

29 November 2023 by Dave Child

Half of the English language is of French origin

The English language is a fascinating mix of words and phrases from all over the world. While it is primarily a Germanic language, it has been heavily influenced by other languages. Including French. In fact, it is estimated that up to 60% of the English vocabulary is of French origin. This is due to the […]

26 October 2023 by Dave Child

How journaling can improve your writing skills

Journaling is a great way to express your thoughts and feelings, track your progress, and de-stress. But did you know that journaling can also improve your writing skills? Here are some ways that journaling can help you become a better writer. Practice makes perfect The saying “practice makes perfect” is true for many things, including […]

14 September 2023 by Dave Child

How did ghost stories become an unlikely tradition?

Telling ghost stories at Christmas time is a tradition originating in Victorian England. How did this come about? 

22 December 2022 by Laura Kelly

How to read more effectively as a writer

Reading can be very active if you make it so. Gather your post-it notes and let’s explore how we can read to become better writers. 

21 October 2022 by Laura Kelly

Be Kind to Writers and Editors Month

September is Be Kind to Writers and Editors Month. Here are some reasons why writers and editors deserve appreciation.

9 September 2022 by Laura Kelly

Some of the greatest bestselling novels were initially rejected

You'd be surprised at the pitfalls some of the greatest works of our time faced. What bestselling novels initially got rejection letters?

30 August 2022 by Laura Kelly

The history of the paperback

Saturday 30th July is Paperback Book Day. Learn about the history of this medium.

29 July 2022 by Laura Kelly