The impact of formal and complex language in government communications

A recent study has found formal government writing improves engagement. We look at what this means for Plain Language.

20 March 2023 by Dave Child

National Proofreading Day: celebrating the pedantic

U.S. National Proofreading Day is celebrated annually on March 8th. This day is dedicated to promoting and encouraging error-free writing.

8 March 2023 by Dave Child

What are sensitivity readers?

The publishing industry has been working to increase diversity and representation which has led to a growing need for sensitivity readers. Sensitivity readers have been in the headlines recently because of the recent editing decisions by Puffin on Roald Dahl.

28 February 2023 by Dave Child

New study shows font readability is very individual

Readable can help you to change your content structure to improve readability. We also follow developments in readable design. This study caught our eye.

25 January 2023 by Dave Child

New Zealand passes plain language act

Whether it’s in the public or the private sector, readability has the power to create change. That’s why we were excited to hear that New Zealand passed its own plain language bill.

2 December 2022 by Laura Kelly

Why Pfizer is using plain language

The readability of health information is important, especially during a pandemic. Find out why Pfizer has decided to use plain language materials. 

14 April 2022 by Laura Kelly

Plain language history: Basic English

Basic English was a concept created in 1930. It promised to make the English language more accessible. We’ll cover Basic English, who created it and what it promised. 

8 February 2022 by Laura Kelly

The 5 most common words you sought synonyms for on Readable

We’ve looked at the most common words our users sought synonyms for over a three-month period. Here are the top words and more readable alternatives. 

18 January 2022 by Laura Kelly

Readability in history: the Plain Writing Act

Certain moments in history have been greatly impactful on readability standards. In the U.S., Obama passing the Plain Writing Act was a significant landmark in the history of clarity campaigning. 

7 January 2022 by Laura Kelly

Why should readability be a brand value in your business?

Readable content helps you make an impact, build trust and reach a wider audience. Find out why readability should be a central part of your business.

6 October 2021 by Laura Kelly

How has distance learning increased the need for readability?

Distance learning has become essential, changing the way we learn. FInd out how it has impacted the demand for readability and accessibility.

9 June 2021 by Laura Kelly

How can financial services use readability to inspire trust?

Readability makes customers trust financial brands. Trust is the second most important purchase factor. How can banks meet this demand for clarity?

14 April 2021 by Laura Kelly