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Here's How Readable Works

Step 1: Import

Readable can analyse anything - a Word document or PDF, a web page, or an entire website. You can even send us text through our API.

Step 2: Analyse

Dive in to your readability scores, spelling and grammar checking, style issues, clichés, profanity, to see where your content needs work.

Step 3: Improve

Edit your text, and watch your scores improve in real time as you do. Roll out your new and improved text, and reap the rewards.

3,000+ authors, marketers, and educators trust us to deliver accurate readability analysis.

Harvard University
Princeton University
American Red Cross

How Readable Tames Your Content

Actionable Insights

Readable doesn't just tell you your readability scores and leave you to it. It also highlights the parts of your text in the greatest need of attention. That helps you focus your valuable time on the edits that matter.

Reliable Algorithms

Readable is unmatched when it comes to algorithms, offering not just Flesch-Kincaid and SMOG scoring, but every notable readability algorithm used today.

Best-in-class Accuracy

Our scores are backed up by established readability algorithms and verified by over 10,000 automated tests and hand-calculated scores. You can be confident in your results.

Exquisite Support

We're here to help if you need us, with an extensive knowledgebase as well as in-app and email support.

Comprehensive Access

Readable can score every document format in use today, including Word, PDF, ODF, and Markdown, as well as spreadsheets, URLs, email, and even entire websites.

Secure and Private

We take data security and privacy seriously, and we're always working to ensure your data remains accessible only to you. For those who need more, we offer additional options to control data retention.

Who Is Readable For?

Readable is for anyone who writes, but these are some of the people we help most often.

Web Marketers

If you work in web marketing, you know that success is down to a dazzling array of factors. But Content Is King. And Readable can make sure that, whatever the search algorithms do tomorrow, no hard-won reader is turned away by impenetrable text.


Every author is different, with their own way of working. Readable gets out of your way, offering you as much support as you need, when you want it.


Readable was born out of a need for software to analyse reading materials for students, and it is still used for that today. Whether you're looking to give students feedback on their work, or to see if a particular piece is suitable for a particular audience, Readable can help.


For insurance companies, great readability of contracts and other written materials is more than just a nice feature, it's often (depending on where you are) a legal requirement.

Medical Companies

It's critical for any medical company to ensure all of their written materials avoid jargon or complex language, especially when it comes to leaflets and instructions distributed with medical products.


National and local governments product a huge amount of content for a vast audience with a broad spectrum of reading ability, and Readable can help ensure that all of that content is as accessible to that audience as possible.

What Our Customers Say

I use Readable to match my copy with my audience's reading level. It's one of my top conversion optimization tools!

Photo of Anna Bolton Anna Bolton

Fact: good readability is good for everyone. What Readable does is make it measurable. It makes readability tangible and gives the entire organisation something they can gather around.

Photo of Candi Williams Candi Williams

My clients support vulnerable people; plain language is essential when writing for these audiences. Readable makes it easy to show clients when their copy isn’t using plain language.

Photo of Heather Badenoch Heather Badenoch

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is readability?

Readability is a measure of how easy a piece of text is to read. Read more about readability.

What is a readability score?

A readability score can tell you the level of education someone needs to easily read a piece of text. The score identifies a Grade Level relative to the number of years of education a person has. Read more about readability scores.

What is a good readability Score?

A Grade Level of 8 or lower is good for text aimed at the public. 85% of the public will be able to read and understand your content at Grade Level 8. Read more about readability scores.

What languages does Readable support?

At the moment, Readable supports English, localised to the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland. We're working on supporting more languages in the future.

Which readability algorithms does Readable use?

Readable scores content with 17 different readability algorithms. You can find a comprehensive list of them, along with what they are used for, on our readability formulas page.

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