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Anna Bolton
Anna Bolton
Conversion Copy Co.


People tune out and hit the back button when they don't understand what you write. Even if I use the most persuasive copywriting techniques, if I'm not clear, my clients will lose leads and sales. That's why I use Readable to match my copy with my audience's reading level.

It's one of my top conversion optimization tools! "

Content Analysis
You have just seven seconds to grab a reader's attention.
Don't waste it.

Full Website Index
We start by scanning your entire website. We will track down every page, every sitemap and every piece of content we can.

Extract the Content
We then analyse every page we find, stripping out headers, footers and any other non-content text, to end up with just the meat of every page.

Readability, Spelling, Grammar and More!
Next, we examine your content using our unique suite of text tools. We will find and flag every page with poor readability, spelling or grammar. We will look out for clichés, adverbs, passive voice and buzzwords. We'll analyse keyword density, tone and sentiment.

Reporting and Prioritisation
Finally, we present our findings through our simple interface, allowing you to quickly find and prioritise which of your pages need a little TLC.

Ongoing Monitoring
From then on, we monitor your site for new pages and score them automatically as soon as we find them.

Scoring Metrics
What numbers do you get from Readable?

Readability Scores
We provide readability scores using over a dozen different algorithms and standards so you can work with the one that works best for you.

Spelling and Grammar
We check your text for spelling and grammar errors and highlight any that we find. Spelling and grammar issues make your content harder to read!

We will tell you what proportion of the literate general public will be able to read your content without problems.

We look at the language you use on each page to tell you whether your sentiment is generally positive, negative or neutral.

Writing Style
Great writing keeps clichés, adverbs, buzzwords and passive voice to a minimum. We check the style of your writing to highlight issues.

Keyword Density
Overuse of keywords - or "keyword stuffing" - is something search engines hate, and our keyword analysis can help you keep that to a minimum.

We examine the text on each page to give you an idea of how formal, or how conversational, your content is.

Personalism is the measure of the degree to which you are writing about the reader, rather than yourself.

Text Statistics
We tell you every possible statistic you might want to know about your content, from the number of syllables you've used to its total speaking time.

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