Readable Features

Readable is the World's most powerful readability scoring tool

Unrivalled Readability Scoring

Readable is the most comprehensive readability tool and includes all of the most recognised readability formulas, plus our unique scores you won't find anywhere else.

Impact Features

Having a readability toolkit helps you to make an impact. Forge a real connection with your audience. Grade
Our bespoke Readable A-E rating is trusted by private and public sectors alike to standardise readability across their teams. The Readable Grade does the interpretation for you and can be instantly understood by anyone. Work toward the Readable grade A for maximum impact.
Use reach metrics to see what percentage of your audience can understand your content. Based on readability and literacy studies, Reach gives you a real-world percentage to improve.

Audience connection features

Use Readable's tone and sentiment tools to help you hit the right tone for your audience. Get a deeper understanding of your language and pitch perfect content.

Tone Analysis
Analyse the formality of your content. Adjust your tone to best connect with your target audience.
Sentiment Analysis
Analyse the sentiment of your content. Optimise for positivity to elevate your brand.
Personalism Analysis
Analyse your content for personalism to build a connection with your audience. Evaluate and balance your professionalism with your personal warmth.
Keyword Density
Use Keyword Density detection to help you stay on topic without over-stuffing. Ensure search engines see your writing as well-balanced.

Clarity Features

Focus on areas of your content that mean the most to you. Use our host of language tools to systematically refine your writing.

Clear highlighting system
Use our easy-to-follow highlighting system with suggested improvements. Our interface helps you to systematically refine your content.
Synonym suggestions
Our synonym tool suggests shorter alternatives to hard words, so you can add clarity with the click of a button.
Passive Voice Count
Use the active voice to engage your reader. Passive Voice detection helps you to convert your phrasing to the active. This will give your writing more impact.
Spelling Issues
Ensure your writing is polished and professional. Highlight spelling errors, including inconsistencies with UK/US spellings and get suggested alternatives.
Grammar Issues
Use Readable to highlight and easily correct mistakes. Add certainty to your proofreading.
Set Spelling and Grammar Language
Personalise your spelling and grammar engine when you use the custom dictionary. Set the type of English you use in preferences. Make spelling and grammar work for you.
Custom Dictionary
Customise your Readable experience according to your brand guidelines.
Sentence and Word Length Thresholds
Set your own thresholds for sentence and word lengths. Customise your Readable experience according to your brand guidelines.
Adverb Count
Use adverb highlighting to be notified when your content is losing pace. Make your writing more dynamic.
Cliché Count
See highlights for cliches so you can replace them with something more captivating. Increase the originality of your content.
Buzzword Count
See highlights for buzzwords so you can replace them with something more captivating. Increase the originality of your content.
Hedge Word Count
Use Readable's Hedge Word detector to eliminate any words which may express hesitance or uncertainty. Produce confident writing that's trustworthy, professional and accountable.
Transition Word Count
Use the Transition Word count to strike the right balance in your copy. Ensure your writing is structurally sound.
Profanity Word Count
Use the Profanity Detector to keep an eye out for words which may be considered profane, aggressive or offensive. Ensure your content makes the right impression on your audience.
Stop Word Count
Use our Stop Word count to ensure your content has a natural flow optimised for voice search. Write precise, interesting content in line with SEO best practices.
Lazy Word Count
Use our Lazy Words detector to replace safe bets with something more interesting. Make your writing original and engaging.

See your statistics for:

  • Syllables per Word
  • Words per Sentence
  • Words per Paragraph
  • Sentences per Paragraph
Text Statistics

Get all the text statistics you need to work seamlessly toward your goals.

We check:

  • Syllable Count
  • Word Count
  • Unique Word Count
  • Sentence Count
  • Paragraph Count
  • Longest Words by syllables (count)
  • Longest Words by syllables (list)
  • Longest Words by letters (count)
  • Longest Words by letters (list)
  • Longest Sentences by words (count)
  • Longest Sentences by words (list)
  • Reading Time
  • Speaking Time

You can view all your composition statistics in Readable::

  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Conjunctions
  • Determiners
  • Interjections
  • Nouns
  • Proper Nouns
  • Pronouns
  • Qualifiers
  • Verbs
Text Lab
The Readable Text Lab is a suite of additional calculators to analyse your style.
Names Detector
Find names referenced in your content quickly and easily with our name detector.
Case converter
Need to tone down a text that's written in ALL CAPS? Look no further than the text converter, which allows you to quickly convert uppercase letters to lowercase and vice versa.
Accent Remover
If you need to remove the accents from some text or to strip out punctuation, Readable can help.
Text Summarizer
Summarising a long piece of text can be hard - especially when you're writing meta descriptions. Use our text summariser to quickly generate a summary of any piece of content.
Gender Analysis
The gender tool is great if your branding is distinctively masculine or feminine. Currently having an accuracy of 70%, it estimates gendered language in the text, so that you can cross-reference this with your brand and audience data.

Readability Formulas

Our scores are backed up by established readability algorithms and verified by over 10,000 automated tests and hand-calculated scores. You can be confident in your results.

Flesch Kincaid Grade Level
Flesch Kincaid is the most popular reading grade level across a wide range of sectors. You can rely on Readable to use the most up-to-date calculation methods to give you the most accurate Flesch Kincaid Grade Level.
Gunning Fog Index
Gunning Fog is a Grade Level based readability score. Originally created as a human algorithm, it's now included in our suite of digital readability solutions. Use Gunning Fog to help you keep your writing clear and simple.
Coleman-Liau Index
Originally intended for the standardisation of school books, Coleman-Liau is now widely used across sectors. It's also often used alongside other Grade Level formulas. Readable uses Coleman-Liau alongside a host of other highly respected and validated algorithms. Coleman-Liau helps you understand how to improve your writing.
SMOG Index
Considered the “gold standard” in medical writing, the SMOG Index is popular in the healthcare sector. Medical writers have found SMOG useful when working to make doctors' jargon more accessible to the public. SMOG Index will help you involve your patients in their healthcare decisions.
Automated Readability Index
The Automated Readability Index - ARI - was originally developed for typewriters. No need to tabulate your text or submit a sample - Readable scores your text as a whole within seconds. Quick ARI results which are easy to understand will help you edit technical documents and training literature for clarity.
FORCAST Grade Level
The FORCAST formula was originally developed for the US army for training new personnel. Because it's a powerful tool for evaluating incomplete sentences, it's now useful for a wide range of documents including questionnaires. Use the FORCAST formula to ensure forms, exam papers, surveys and more are suited to your reader.
Powers Sumner Kearl Grade
If you're an educator or a writer with an audience up to fourth grade, Powers Sumner Kearl is a great resource for you. It was developed for elementary school texts and generates a Grade Level that's easy to understand.
Lix & Rix Readability
Lix and Rix are both readability formulas validated by cloze tests. They've both been shown to work with both English and non-English texts. If you're evaluating readability in a language other than English, these formulas are a useful option. Rix outputs a Grade Level and is especially useful in the education sector.
Raygor Readability
The Raygor formula is a solution for middle school level texts to separate books into different levels of difficulty.
Fry Readability
Fry is a graph-based formula which can be used for elementary to college-level texts. It is highly regarded across a wide range of sectors. No need to interpret a graph - Readable does this for you within seconds behind the scenes.
Flesch Reading Ease
Flesch Reading Ease calculates a score between 1 and 100, with a higher score being more readable.
CEFR Level
CEFR is an analysis of language skills. It has been used by governments to ensure their content is reaching a wide audience.
IELTS is a language proficiency test. Readable has repurposed it as an innovative tool to check your writing is accessible for a wider audience. Aim for an IELTS Grade 6 on Readable to ensure your writing is inclusive.
Spache Score
Spache takes into account words which would be unfamiliar in an elementary setting and is a great solution for educators.
New Dale Chall Score
Dale Chall is a word list readability formula which is best used in an elementary school setting.
Lensear Write
Lensear Write was originally an internal style manual. Now it's used as a formula to improve readability and writeability - it takes style into account as well as complexity. Using Lensear Write with Readable encourages you to use stronger verbs and avoid passive phrases. It generates a score out of 100 - the higher the score, the better your writing.

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