Readability Scoring API

With the ReadablePro API, you can easily include readability into your workflow.

The ReadablePro API

Providing flexibility, the ReadablePro API allows for a seamless experience, letting you integrate readability into your applications, CMSes and other technology.

Quickly and easily use our text scoring features without leaving your CMS. Our API allows you to pass text and URLs to Readable and we'll pass back your readability and keyword density statistics.

Our unique readability scoring system can fit right into your day-to-day work, giving you pointers on how to improve your content for your audience.

You can view our API documentation here.

Readable Integration: Slack

We've also integrated Readable into our favorite tools. We wanted to be able to score for readability in our day-to-day communications without ever having to leave our Slack channel, so we made it happen. Now you can enjoy it too.

Add the Readable app to your Slack account and you can either get a short readability summary of your chosen text or URL, or a full readability report. All within seconds of typing our simple Slack command.

Readable Integration: Dropbox

When you connect your ReadablePro account to Dropbox, you'll be given a special Readable Dropbox folder to drop your files in.

Then ReadablePro will quickly get to work scoring your file for readability and give you a results file within a few minutes.

API integration is available on our AgencyPro plans. Our Slack and Dropbox integrations are available on both our CommercePro and AgencyPro plans.

If you like to keep everything in one place when you're creating and managing your content, the user-friendly ReadablePro API integration is a must.

Its quick and convenient feedback will empower you to fine-tune your message for your audience. Make sure it's clear, concise and readable before you hit publish.

All ReadablePro plans include

Score Text

Score URLs

Score Documents

Score Emails

Generate Reports

Multiple Users

Keyword Density

Quality Control
for Content

Secure Data

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