The best book-to-film adaptations

The age-old debate: book versus film. Some argue that a film can only partially capture the depth and nuance of a novel. Others find on-screen adaptations a delightful way to relive their favourite stories. We’re bookworms here. And there’s nothing quite like that feeling of stepping out of the cinema utterly satisfied. This comes from […]

13 June 2024 by Laura Kelly

Language App on a smartphone, Readable

Is there an optimal window for language acquisition?

Language is a fundamental human ability. One that allows us to connect, share ideas, and shape our views. But how do we acquire this complex skill?

30 May 2024 by Laura Kelly
Professional Writing, Laptop image with multiple users gathered round

Navigating professionalism in language: a guide

We explore key aspects of professionalism in language and look at the essentials to help your workplace communication. Read more

14 May 2024 by Laura Kelly

Exploring the merits of lengthy celebrity memoirs

Barbra Streisand's memoir, My Name is Barbra became newsworthy for its length. We look at how Streisand's tome compares to other celebrity memoirs. And the merits of such extensive works.

30 April 2024 by Laura Kelly
Lego heads showing different emotions, emotive language, readability blog

How to use emotive language

Emotive language goes beyond simply stating facts. It taps into our emotional reserves. Specific words and techniques trigger joy, sadness, anger, and fear.

16 April 2024 by Laura Kelly
European Flag, Euro English, Language Changes

The unofficial English of Europe: what is ‘Euro English’?

English continues to thrive as the unofficial language of Europe. It's evolving into its unique form: Euro English. Euro English is a dynamic lingua franca. It constantly adapts to the needs of its speakers.

29 March 2024 by Dave Child

The fall of the semicolon: punctuation evolving

The semicolon – an enigmatic punctuation mark. It has long been a source of controversy. Researchers report a 25% decline in its use in British fiction over the past 30 years.

14 March 2024 by Dave Child

Morphemes: the invisible building blocks of pop-cultural language

Ever wondered how a single word like "un-friend-able" can pack such a punch? Or how "OMG" can express a whole rollercoaster of emotions?  The answer lies in the magical world of morphemes, the smallest units of meaning in a language.

15 February 2024 by Laura Kelly

The global efforts to preserve endangered languages

Recent findings are sobering: we are losing languages. We are losing linguistic diversity. Unless we take decisive action, these windows into history will close.

29 January 2024 by Aimee Fleming

New book explores the future of language

Language is the essence of human communication. But what happens when language itself starts to change?

16 January 2024 by Laura Kelly

New year, new you, new (and clear) writing

The new year’s a time for fresh starts and bold resolutions. And what better way to revamp yourself than by sharpening your writing skills? Clear communication is essential in all aspects of life, from work emails to social media posts to that heartfelt letter to Grandma. But achieving clarity can be tricky, especially when common […]

11 January 2024 by Laura Kelly

Cambridge Dictionary’s Word of the Year reflects AI’s increasing influence

This year’s ‘Word of the Year’ is reflective of the times. What is it, and what does it say about our language landscape? You’re not hallucinating… The word ‘hallucinate’ is the Cambridge Word of the Year for 2023. This highlights the growing impact of AI on language and society. At first, it may seem strange […]

14 December 2023 by Dave Child