2022 content marketing conference reveals most-hated jargon

Using too much insider terminology can make your content inaccessible and unhelpful to your target market. Which should you avoid?

12 August 2022 by Laura Kelly

The history of the paperback

Saturday 30th July is Paperback Book Day. Learn about the history of this medium.

29 July 2022 by Laura Kelly
Manhattan skyline | Copywriting readability on readable.com

5 copywriting lessons from Mad Men’s Don Draper

Don Draper, the protagonist of the TV show Mad Men, continues to inspire copywriting professionals. We'll cover 5 of his most valuable lessons.

7 July 2022 by Laura Kelly

The best UK spots for literary tourism

Literary tourism is a way for book lovers to travel. Here are some locations that inspired some of the greatest literary works.

15 June 2022 by Laura Kelly

A lesson from Nabokov: how to write for the senses

Metaphors are one of the most powerful devices. Nabokov was synaesthetic. What is synaesthesia and how can it help you craft interesting metaphors?

20 May 2022 by Laura Kelly

The greatest insults in Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was deft with wonderfully worded insults in his works. Here are some of our favourites.

22 April 2022 by Laura Kelly

Why Pfizer is using plain language

The readability of health information is important, especially during a pandemic. Find out why Pfizer has decided to use plain language materials. 

14 April 2022 by Laura Kelly

Great podcasts to improve your writing skills

Looking for inspiration in an easy-to-consume format? Look no further than writing podcasts. We've rounded up a handful we particularly like. 

18 March 2022 by Laura Kelly

Genuine VS toxic positivity in language: communicating with empathy 

Can positivity be toxic? We’ll investigate the concept of toxic positivity. From this, we'll learn how we can communicate authentically. 

4 March 2022 by Laura Kelly

Plain language history: Basic English

Basic English was a concept created in 1930. It promised to make the English language more accessible. We’ll cover Basic English, who created it and what it promised. 

8 February 2022 by Laura Kelly

The 5 most common words you sought synonyms for on Readable

We’ve looked at the most common words our users sought synonyms for over a three-month period. Here are the top words and more readable alternatives. 

18 January 2022 by Laura Kelly

Readability in history: the Plain Writing Act

Certain moments in history have been greatly impactful on readability standards. In the U.S., Obama passing the Plain Writing Act was a significant landmark in the history of clarity campaigning. 

7 January 2022 by Laura Kelly