Are adverbs the enemy of powerful writing?

The adverb is a contentious issue among writers. But, what advice should you follow to become a better writer?

21 February 2019 by Laura Kelly

3 authors’ love letters to inspire you this Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, you can surprise your loved one with a handwritten letter. Let some of history’s most celebrated writers inspire you.

14 February 2019 by Laura Kelly

Do Inuits really have 50 words for snow?

The belief that the Inuit have dozens of different words for snow has become a widely known piece of linguistic trivia. But, where did this belief come from, and how close is it to the truth?

8 February 2019 by Laura Kelly

Your readability questions answered

You’re bound to have plenty of questions about readability and how you can improve your content. We’ve rounded up the most commonly asked questions and we’re tackling them one by one.

25 January 2019 by Laura Kelly

3 easy fixes to make your blogs more conversational

Making these simple changes to your draft will make your reader feel as welcome as if you were getting coffee together.

14 January 2019 by Laura Kelly

The Spache readability formula

The Spache formula is a readability measure which estimates an elementary reading grade level. Find out how it's calculated and how you can best use it. 

12 January 2019 by Laura Kelly

The New Dale-Chall readability formula

The New Dale-Chall formula was created to analyse readability for fourth-graders and above. Find out where it came from and how you can best use it. 

11 January 2019 by Laura Kelly

The Automated Readability Index

The ARI assesses the U.S. grade level required to read a piece of text. It is useful for technical writing. Find out how you can use it.

4 January 2019 by Laura Kelly

The SMOG readability index

The SMOG Index is an influential and popular writing tool. But, where did it come from, and how can you best use it?

4 January 2019 by Laura Kelly

Festive children’s books we love

As we move toward the middle of December – already! – we’re thinking about festive children’s books we adore, from their stories to their wonderful illustrations. After all, children’s books are the most readable of all, and we’re all about encouraging children’s early learning.

19 December 2018 by Laura Kelly

Joining the team

I’ve always felt a sense of renewal as a new year approaches. This year, I’m excited to say I start my new role as customer success champion for Readable.

5 December 2018 by Laura Kelly

Readable grammar 101: How to use there, their and they’re

Confusing ‘there’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’ is a common grammar mistake. Learn how to tell the difference between these words so you can use them correctly. 

16 May 2018 by Laura Kelly