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Navigating professionalism in language: a guide

We explore key aspects of professionalism in language and look at the essentials to help your workplace communication. Read more

14 May 2024 by Laura Kelly

Exploring the merits of lengthy celebrity memoirs

Barbra Streisand's memoir, My Name is Barbra became newsworthy for its length. We look at how Streisand's tome compares to other celebrity memoirs. And the merits of such extensive works.

30 April 2024 by Laura Kelly
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How to use emotive language

Emotive language goes beyond simply stating facts. It taps into our emotional reserves. Specific words and techniques trigger joy, sadness, anger, and fear.

16 April 2024 by Laura Kelly

Morphemes: the invisible building blocks of pop-cultural language

Ever wondered how a single word like "un-friend-able" can pack such a punch? Or how "OMG" can express a whole rollercoaster of emotions?  The answer lies in the magical world of morphemes, the smallest units of meaning in a language.

15 February 2024 by Laura Kelly

New book explores the future of language

Language is the essence of human communication. But what happens when language itself starts to change?

16 January 2024 by Laura Kelly

New year, new you, new (and clear) writing

The new year’s a time for fresh starts and bold resolutions. And what better way to revamp yourself than by sharpening your writing skills? Clear communication is essential in all aspects of life, from work emails to social media posts to that heartfelt letter to Grandma. But achieving clarity can be tricky, especially when common […]

11 January 2024 by Laura Kelly

How did ghost stories become an unlikely tradition?

Telling ghost stories at Christmas time is a tradition originating in Victorian England. How did this come about? 

22 December 2022 by Laura Kelly

New Zealand passes plain language act

Whether it’s in the public or the private sector, readability has the power to create change. That’s why we were excited to hear that New Zealand passed its own plain language bill.

2 December 2022 by Laura Kelly

What is E-A-T and why is it important for SEO?

Improving E-A-T increases traffic. It also futureproofs websites for further Google Quality updates. What is your E-A-T and how can you use it for SEO?

8 November 2022 by Laura Kelly

How to read more effectively as a writer

Reading can be very active if you make it so. Gather your post-it notes and let’s explore how we can read to become better writers. 

21 October 2022 by Laura Kelly

Why is writing the most important marketing skill?

In an ever-changing marketing landscape, one thing remains a constant reality. Words sell. Here's why writing is the most important marketing skill.

29 September 2022 by Laura Kelly

Google announces Helpful Content update

Google is always making human-centred updates to ensure helpful content for the searcher. Find out what the latest update means for creators in all areas.

22 September 2022 by Laura Kelly