Readability Handbook: Readability alerts

Scoring your content

Readability Alerts

A dream for marketers, Readability alerts allows you to easily monitor your, or your clients, individual URLs.

  • Select 'readability tools' from the main menu, then ‘URL alerts’.
  • In front of you is an alert table. In the first column, add the URL you would like to monitor
  • Press ‘add new alert’ to begin
  • Add the URL you want to cover
  • Choose from one of the following alert types:
    • Readability - average grade level
    • Readability - Flesch-Kincaid grade level
    • Readability - Gunning-Fog score
    • Readability - Coleman-Liau index
    • Readability - SMOG Index
    • Readability - Automated Readability Index
    • Readability - Spache score
    • Readability - Dale-Chall score
    • Keyword density - recommended for marketing and SEO
    • Sentiment - set the alert to tell you if a URL is not positive, not neutral or not negative
    • Word count
  • For each of the readability grades, set the lower and upper limit for the grade level you are monitoring. The grade level is based on the school education system. Grade 8 = 14 to 15 years old - this is the average age you should be aiming for with an online audience
  • Keyword density - upper and lower limits will be in percent
  • Click 'add alert' and you are all set

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