Readability Handbook: Editing your text with ReadablePro

Improving your readability

Editing your text with ReadablePro

The text editor is the heart of ReadablePro. Here you can add, edit and amend your text and your readability score will update as you go.

  • Your text is in the main central box
  • Readability issues with your text will be highlighted and readability scores will load in the right hand column. A key for what is highlighted is found in the ‘quality’ tab
  • Text is highlighted for:
    • Syllable, letter, and word count
    • Passive voice
    • Adverbs
    • Cliches
  • Edit your text as needed. As you go along, the readability scores and highlighting will automatically update. Making it straightforward to type, edit and score – all at once
  • The right hand column is split into four areas.
    • Readability – Readability rating, grade levels and scores
    • Quality – Text quality, tone and sentiment
    • Statistics – Count, averages, timings and composition
    • Bonus – More content tools, including keyword density, gender analysis, Spache score and buzzword detector. Click on the arrow and your text will be carried through to the bonus content tool

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