Readability Handbook: Measure a website

Scoring your content

Measure a website's readability

Why stop at scoring on URL, when you can score an entire website?

  • Select ‘projects’ from the main menu
  • If you have already scored a website, you will see them listed. Click on one to view it’s scoring
  • To score a new website, select ‘add a new project
  • Each project will have its own domain name, which is the name of the site you want to score. Enter that in the first field
  • As long as a website is saved in your projects section, we’ll continue to score new and updated pages. Notifications of the new scores can be sent your inbox immediately, daily, weekly, monthly or never. You decide how you’d like to be contacted
  • By selecting the ‘advanced settings’, you can set the tool to ignore certain variables, such as tags or terms
  • Choose whether you want to extract text or not. This option removes unwanted elements and concentrates on the main content. We recommend this is set to yes
  • Page fragment - You can specify an HTML element whose content you would like to score by adding its ID here. If you have nothing to add, leave it blank
  • Press ‘save website’ and our project tool will begin to score your website. Depending on the size of your website, this will take between 30 minutes for small brochure sites, through to 24 hours for large websites to complete
  • You’ll now be on the main page for your new project. Once scoring has completed, you can view your results in a number of ways:
    • At the top are the ReadablePro ratings of A, B, C, D, and E. Below each letter is a number, this is how many pages you have at this rating. Click on the link to view those pages
    • Project URL sources have a list of the ways we have crawled your site. You can see here when the most recent scoring has taken place. Click on ‘view results’ to look at those scores
    • Search box - Does what it says on the tin and allows you to search for individual pages. Very helpful for those of us with large sites. Your search results will appear below, click on ‘view results’ to see scores for that page
  • Choosing either of the first two options above takes you to a new screen. Here you can click ‘view results’ for any of the pages listed.
  • You’re now on the text editing screen
  • Click on the 'edit text' button to begin

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