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What Adverbs Are and What Adverbs Are For

The function of adverbs

Adverbs change or add detail to other words. They are different to adjectives because they usually describe verbs rather than nouns. Usually, the adverb is placed after the relevant verb.


  • She proofread the content excellently.
  • He ate his dinner greedily. 
  • They chose their words carefully. 

Emphasising Adjectives

Sometimes, adverbs will be used to intensify an adjective. The most common example of this is the word ‘very’ and this is sometimes overused in English. Other adverbs are more emphatic.


  • Your article was absolutely fabulous.
  • She’s an extremely interesting person.
  • That film was really good.

As well as intensifying, they can be used to weaken the adjective, too.


  • That situation was slightly awkward.
  • I’m finding this assignment slightly difficult.

Modifying Other Adverbs

Just as adverbs can be used to make an adjective stronger or weaker, they can be used to modify adverbs in the same way.


  • You’re performing really well. 
  • You’re shouting too loudly.

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