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Recognising and Placing Adjectives in Sentences

What is an adjective? 

An adjective is a describing word. It is used to describe nouns. The function of adjectives is to modify the noun. These can be concrete or abstract nouns. 

  • They say that love(n) is blind(adj).
  • My workplace(n) has been busy(adj).
  • English(adj) grammar(n) can be difficult(adj).

Recognising adjectives

Here are some ways you can identify an adjective in a sentence:

Find adjectives based on their position in a sentence

Look for a describing word that is placed either before or after a noun.


  • The ginger(adj) cat(n) strolled leisurely into the kitchen.
  • The early(adj) bird(n) catches the worm. 
  • John(n), groggy and bleary-eyed(adj), fumbled with the coffee machine. 

Also, look for describing words that come after verbs. 


  • She seems(v) happy(adj). Your nails are(v) long(adj).
  • Look for comparative phrases
  • Often, adjectives will be used to compare two things. 


  • It’s a shame she thinks everyone(n) is prettier(adj) than her(n).
  • The countryside(n) is quieter(adj) than the city(n).

Look for common suffixes

Suffixes – the endings of words – are another way to spot adjectives.


  • -ful
  • -some
  • -ous
  • -ive


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