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Ordering Multiple Adjectives

When we want to be really descriptive, sometimes we use multiple adjectives in a sentence. However, we can’t conventionally use them in any order we like.

The order of adjectives

Here is the usual order of adjectives in a sentence:

  1. Quantity
  2. Value or opinion
  3. Size
  4. Temperature 
  5. Age
  6. Shape 
  7. Colour
  8. Origin
  9. Material 


Here are some examples of sentences that sound odd because of an incorrect adjective order, and the corrected versions.

  • She put on her cashmere pink luxurious sweater. (Wrong)
    She put on her luxurious pink cashmere sweater. (Right) 
  • There was an 1800s massive bureau full of historic papers. (Wrong)
    There was a massive 1800s bureau full of historic papers. (Right)
  • There’s a new French amazing film out. (Wrong)
    There’s an amazing new French film out. (Right)

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