February was a bit of a manic month for changes, so March has been a little quieter while we worked through bugs and minor issues which had been queued up behind the big stuff. Here's our monthly rundown of what we've added, removed or changed in March 2019. We rely on your feedback to tell us what we're doing right and what we're doing wrong, so please let us know at the bottom if you like, or if you don't like, what we've been up to!

Huge Files Allowed

Our file processor used to be a little limited, processing something like 50,000 words at most, and file sizes of under 5MB. We've spent some time on that this month, and the result is that we can now handle much, much larger documents. So far, our biggest test has been a 600,000 word book, which was processed without complaint (though it took a while!), and files of various different types seem to be working smoothly. Processing time for very large files can be slow, because we have written the system to ensure that one large file isn't allowed to hog resources and delay other files in the queue.

Speed Fixes

We like to spend some time every few months working through performance issues, and you may (hopefully) have noticed the results this month. We've rolled out over 20 tweaks, fixes and new systems to improve speed across the board, from the API to our website indexing. We now use less memory in the browser, make fewer requests to the server while you are working, and have a more efficient set of highlighting engines.

More (Final!) Domain Shenanigans

Last month we moved our sales site to readable.com from readable.io, and this month we completed that switch, moving our app and API over to readable.com as well. Don't worry, all the old URLs still work (and will continue to do so indefinitely). We also updated our social media accounts, so you can now find us at "ReadableHQ" on the big sites. 

Free Website Readability Reports!

We wanted to find a way to give customers a chance to see what ReadablePro could do when it came to websites, so we've launched a small but useful taster tool - check it out here! Pop your email address and domain in the form and we'll scan a few pages of your site and send you the results within a few minutes. 

Favorite Items in Score Results

Finally, we know we are presenting a lot - I mean, a lot - of information on our scoring results pages. And most people are only interested in a subset of that. Typically, people care about one or two formulas, the total word count, and quality feedback. Well, now you can pick the items that are most important to you and have those displayed most prominently in our results pages. No more digging through tabs to get the bits you need fastest!

Not sure how to do any of that? We've done a quick screen capture to show you how it's done:

Dave Child

Dave is the founder of Readable and has been building websites since the early 90s. He’s one of those fortunate people who gets to do what he loves for a living.