There are way more words in the English language than one would think, and some great ones don't get the love they deserve.

The rule "if there's a simpler word to say what you want, use that" is drilled into journalists, leaving our everyday vocabulary in news and media wanting for pizzazz and intrigue. Here are 5 great English words that we should all use more often.

Alamort (adj.) Half-dead of exhaustion

While I'm sure this is meant to be used literally, English speakers' tendency to hyperbolize situations would make this word super useful in daily conversation. Don't lie, we would all use this after a rough day of work or after one too many sets at the gym.

Coruscate (adj.) To reflect vibrantly; to sparkle

Everyone loves glitter and the fact that it looks and sounds like something violent makes it that much more ironic and enjoyable.

Paroxysm (n.) A sudden outburst of emotion

If you've ever needed a word for your (or someone else's) emotional flexibility and enthusiasm, your search ends here. This word puts into one word the thing you keep having to explain at length.

Footle  (v.) To talk or act in a foolish way

Aside from the fun pronunciation, this word is perfect for the class clown or the neighborhood goofball; simple and entertaining.

Lucida (n.) The brightest star in a constellation.

Use it to describe the sky, use it to describe the love of your life. This great word is as beautiful as it is poetic and should be used more often by people from all walks of life.

Dave Child

Dave is the founder of Readable and has been building websites since the early 90s. He’s one of those fortunate people who gets to do what he loves for a living.