We've made the biggest changes to our readability tools yet, with the launch of ReadablePro. A brand new readability tool, built with extra power installed.

What’s ReadablePro and what happened to Readable Premium?

In the previous version of Readable.io, our paid subscriptions were called “Premium subscriptions”. As a name for what we offered, that never really felt quite right.

Premium, to us, means access to perhaps a better version of something.

Pro is a better fit - the same underlying technology, but geared towards tools and processes to help you work.

ReadablePro is, first and foremost, a rebranding of our premium subscriptions. If you were a Premium subscriber before, you’ve now got ReadablePro, and you don’t need to do anything.

Can I keep my existing subscription?

Absolutely, yes!

Existing subscriptions can continue as before, and you’ll be paying the same amount for the same features. Our new pricing won’t affect you, unless you decide to change to a new plan.

We have no current plans to change existing subscriptions, and if we ever do change your plan we will let you know plenty of time in advance.

How are the new subscription plans different?

Our previous pricing model was a per-seat one. Effectively, you paid for the number of people you had using the site, but the features didn’t change much depending on the subscription you had.

Based on feedback from subscribers, the new subscription plans are more flexible, and you can pick a subscription that suits your needs a little better.

The new plans are:

  • ContentPro - comparable to our previous ‘Individual’ plan, except you can now add multiple users. No more having to share logins
  • CommercePro - if you have a website, you’ll want CommercePro, which includes website indexing and scoring. We can identify the pages on your site which need the most attention
  • AgencyPro - includes more advanced features, like white-labeled reports and the ReadablePro API, to help you bake readability into your work

I’m an educator - do you offer educational discounts?

Yes indeed. We are going to be launching new plans for educational customers in the next couple of weeks.

If you are already registered with an educational institution email address, we will contact you automatically.

If you’ve not got an educational institution email and would like us to let you know when these new plans go live, please drop us an email.

Can I change to a new subscription? How do I upgrade?

You can check out what’s included in each subscription and change your subscription any time via your change subscription page.

If you change subscription, your previous payments are prorated.

You can also add more users and websites to your subscription on the change subscription page.

If you’re not a subscriber, you can choose a plan on the ReadablePro page.

What are ‘projects’? Can I analyse a whole website?

Projects are what we are calling our website indexing software.

When you add a project, you can give us the domain name of the site you want to measure for readability.

Our tame spider will then go and index your site, hunting down an RSS feed and sitemap along the way if it can.

It will score the pages it finds, and you can then focus your attention on the pages that need it most.

If we find an RSS feed or a sitemap, we’ll continue to monitor those for you and any time we find a new page we will score it and send you the results automatically.

Normally projects are only visible to you and your team, but we’ve made our own site’s readability reports publicly visible.

You can see an example of a project’s results here: readable.io readability score.

The text tool has changed a lot. What’s new?

It certainly has... Scoring and issue highlighting are now real-time, meaning you can see the effects of changes you are making as you make them.

We’ve finally fixed the annoying issue the previous version of the site had, where the highlighting vanished when you started to make changes.

We’ve also added a paragraph count, words per paragraph and sentences per paragraph.

The real-time editing and other additions are also present in the URL scoring and file scoring tools.

After scoring something, you can now click an ‘edit text’ button at the top, and start editing your text in your browser. Any changes you make will be scored and highlighted as you type.

We are working on an export tool next, so you can quickly download your edited text from readable.io as a Word document, PDF or HTML.

What happened to 'keyword analysis' and 'gender analysis'?

The previous site included two elements in every score - keyword density and gender analysis. Both of those are still available, but have moved.

The gender analysis was something we wanted to add for teams who wanted to maintain a consistent voice across their content.

Unfortunately, the more feedback we got, the more it became clear it wasn’t performing in the way we wanted it to.

We believe it’s a useful tool, but we’ve removed it from the main scoring interfaces and made it one of our free tools.

The keyword density analysis was a casualty of the new real-time interface. It wasn’t fast enough to work with the new system

We’ve moved that into a standalone free tool, where it can run on complete texts and at better speeds.

When scoring text, you can send that text to these standalone tools (and our other tools) using the buttons on the ‘Bonus’ tab in the score bar on the right.

What’s the deal with the 'free tools'?

Before we launched this upgrade, we had several free tools available, like our Ogden Basic English analyzer.

We’ve extended those free readability tools to include our keyword density analyzer, as well as:

Thank you

A massive thank you to all of our subscribers and everyone who has used ReadablePro since we launched last week.

We’ve had some bugs to fix along the way - please get in touch if you find any more -  but we’ve also been overwhelmed with the positive response.

We’re continually looking at ways to enhance your ReadablePro experience. More exciting developments will be coming. Watch this space...

Dave Child

Dave is the founder of Readable and has been building websites since the early 90s. He’s one of those fortunate people who gets to do what he loves for a living.