We’ve long championed clear communication throughout content and privacy policies are no different. The New York Times took a look at 150 policies, most were an incomprehensible disaster.

There are a number of interesting findings:

  • The vast majority of these privacy policies exceed the college reading level
  • Over half of Americans may struggle to comprehend dense, lengthy texts
  • A significant chunk of the data collection economy is based on consenting to complicated documents that many Americans can’t understand
  • BBC has a very readable policy. Airbnb, don’t
  • Vague language allows for a wide range of interpretation
  • You can improve, Google has made their document more readable. Although, GDPR may have forced their hand

Read the full report at nytimes.com.

Steve Linney

Steve Linney has been a marketer for the last twenty years, covering a diverse number of sectors. Including e-learning, the music industry, and corporate responsibility.