Looking for inspiration in an easy-to-consume format? Look no further than writing podcasts. We've rounded up a handful we particularly like. 

1 | Writing Excuses

Writing Excuses is a brilliant way to get quick tips on writing. The creators say the following about the podcast:

‘Writing Excuses is a fast-paced, educational podcast for writers, by writers. It airs weekly, with new episodes appearing each Sunday evening at around 6pm Eastern Time. Episodes vary in length from fifteen to twenty-five minutes, but are usually less than twenty minutes long. The tagline, “Fifteen minutes long, because you’re in a hurry, and we’re not that smart” isn’t super accurate, time-wise, but it’s a haiku so we’re keeping it.’

Start with a particularly good episode. "Seven-Point Story Structure," is an essential for all storytellers. It explores the challenge of planning. It presents a structure in which the plot progresses along seven consecutive stages. In a recent episode called "Writing About Children, with Shannon and Dean Hale," the authors are quizzed on how to write effectively about children.

2 | I Should Be Writing

I Should Be Writing is an award-winning podcast hosted by Mur Lafferty. The episodes are variable in length. Each usually includes an interview with a different author. The episodes frequently urge "would-be" authors to believe in themselves and start writing.

The podcast covers countless things a writer would encounter, to facing rejection in publishing to the ethics of basing a character on a living person.

3 | The Copywriter Club Podcast

If you’re writing copy rather than literary work, The Copywriter Club Podcast is for you. It invites expert writers in the area to give inspirational advice and encouragement to active and aspiring copywriters. The show is hosted by copywriters Kira Hug and Rob Marsh. They also have a website with a wealth of resources.

They practice what they preach when they describe the benefits of their podcast very persuasively: 

‘Why compete when you can be cocky AF and let the clients crawl over to you, scraping their nails on the pastel tiled floor, begging for your time?’

Expect tips on the craft itself as well as building your business and dealing with conflicts between departments. 

4 | StoryADay

Maybe you’re not looking for a podcast to passively listen to, but one which challenges you and inspires you to action. This podcast does just that. The challenge is to see how much you can write in a month when following the challenge. You can achieve this by following the podcast’s challenges and prompts. The episodes are short and sweet, so you can get writing quickly after a burst of inspiration. You may surprise yourself with what you can achieve, and the creators are passionate about encouraging a lifelong habit. 

5 | Grammar Girl

Grammar Girl, created by Mignon Fogarty, is an extension of the enormously successful Grammar Girl website. From the podcast, expect quick and dirty grammar tips. Whether you’re a native speaker or an ESL speaker, you can refine your grammar by listening to Grammar Girl’s advice. 

6 | Story Grid

Shawn Coyne, who wrote a book of the same name and and spent 25 years as an editor in the Big 5 publishing houses, co-hosts this helpful podcast. It promises to helo you become a better writer using his tried and tested methods. 

Expect them to get into the nitty gritty of what makes a fantastic story with their guests.

7 | The Secret Library Podcast

Want to take the mystique out of writing a book and find out how it’s actually done? Expect to learn about how the publishing industry works today. Authors and book lovers alike are featured on the podcast to get their thoughts on the book world. Caroline Donahue

8 | Paraphrase

In a similar vein, you might benefit from knowing how great novelists made their first steps. This type of content helps you to feel less intimidated and more validated as a writer. Everyone has to start somewhere. Paraphrase is a podcast all about these literary beginnings. Novelists are interviewed about their craft, how they started, and thematic and stylistic decisions they make in their writing. Fascinating if you like to hear “writers on writing” content. 

9 | Copyblogger FM

If you’re a copywriting professional, chances are you’re familiar with Copyblogger, a font of great writing tips for people in the industry. It’s a short-form podcast released once a week and is hosted by Sonia Simone, a founding partner of Copyblogger Media. Expect to hear the week in content marketing and up-to-date insights from all areas of marketing. 

10 | The Writing Life Podcast 

Last but not least, The Writing Life, created by the National Centre for Writing. This is a podcast for anyone who writes. It’s released weekly, and features a wide range of writers - from those early in their careers to industry titans such as Margaret Atwood. 

This has a large and highly engaged audience, so expect to come away inspired in your own writing life.

Laura Kelly

Laura is a freelance writer and worked at Readable for a number of years. Laura is well-versed in optimising content for readability and Readable's suite of tools. She aims to write guides that help you make the most out of Readable.