Half of the English language is of French origin

The English language is a fascinating mix of words and phrases from all over the world. While it is primarily a Germanic language, it has been heavily influenced by other languages. Including French. In fact, it is estimated that up to 60% of the English vocabulary is of French origin. This is due to the […]

26 October 2023 by Dave Child

Readable Grammar 101: What is the simple subject in grammar?

The simple subject of a sentence is the person, place, thing, or idea that the sentence is about.

11 October 2023 by Dave Child

Readability for all: the Adobe Readability Consortium

The Readability Consortium is a global initiative. Their goal is to make digital reading more equitable and accessible for all people. We look at what this means for readability.

29 September 2023 by Dave Child

How journaling can improve your writing skills

Journaling is a great way to express your thoughts and feelings, track your progress, and de-stress. But did you know that journaling can also improve your writing skills? Here are some ways that journaling can help you become a better writer. Practice makes perfect The saying “practice makes perfect” is true for many things, including […]

14 September 2023 by Dave Child

Plain language without borders: the ISO standard is Language Neutral

For the first time, we have an internationally agreed-upon Plain Language standard. It defines plain language and provides guidance on good readability.

31 August 2023 by Dave Child

The ISO has published its Plain Language Standard

What is ISO? ISO is the International Organization for Standardization. It is a worldwide federation that develops international standards with input from standards bodies worldwide. ISO is best known for technology, safety and management standards. However, it has turned its focus towards plain language. With the overall objective to: “help authors develop documents that communicate […]

22 August 2023 by Dave Child

Unravelling the science of reading comprehension

Have you ever wondered what goes on in our minds as we read? Let’s explore the fascinating science behind reading comprehension. We'll delve into its mechanisms and the role of readability.

31 July 2023 by Dave Child
Photo of librarian putting books back on the shelves

Author Joanne Harris calls for more investment in libraries and the arts

Author Joanne Harris has called for the government to invest more money in libraries and the arts, saying that the UK has a "literacy problem." Harris, who was awarded an OBE for services to literature by the Prince of Wales on Tuesday, said that libraries and the arts are "vital" for promoting literacy and creativity.

17 July 2023 by Dave Child

AI VS Editor: the future of readability

AI VS Editor sounds like some kind of grandiose sci-fi horror film for grammarians. But it’s actually a hot topic in the editing world.

30 June 2023 by Dave Child
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan, Italy

Italy’s English ban: Why English is still the language of business

The Italian government has proposed new language legislation. Requiring businesses operating in Italy to use Italian in all internal communications. The legislation is aimed at protecting the Italian language from the dominance of English. But English is the lingua franca of international business.

13 June 2023 by Dave Child

Overcoming common objections to readability

If you're having a hard time convincing a decision maker that readability software is worthwhile, here's how to overcome objections to readability.

30 May 2023 by Dave Child
photo of eggs with expressions drawn on them, persuasive language, readability blog

How to use emotive language to connect with your audience

Emotive language is language that is used to evoke an emotional response from the reader. When used effectively, emotive language can help you connect with your audience on a deeper level and persuade them to take action.

10 May 2023 by Dave Child