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5 writing podcasts to listen to in 2024

Podcasts are a great way to get out of a writing rut. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or a complete beginner, these five compelling podcasts offer something for everyone. From 15-minute snippets packed with practical advice to in-depth explorations of the writing process. Sharpen your skills, find inspiration, and ignite your creative spark with these top picks.

Writing Excuses

Need a quick and engaging boost to your writing skills? Look no further than Writing Excuses, a podcast that packs a punch in just 15 minutes.

This long-running show (currently in its seventeenth season!) is all about the practicalities of creative writing. Here’s what makes it stand out:

  • Powerhouse hosts. The show’s success hinges on its dynamic team. Each host is a published author, bringing a diverse range of interests and genres to the table. This means you’ll get fresh perspectives on hundreds of writing topics.
  • From food to fish-out-of-water. Ever wondered how to use food to enhance your story? Or maybe you need help crafting a character in a new situation? Writing Excuses tackles everything from the quirky to the crucial.
  • Classic and current. While the format feels refreshingly old-school (think short, focused episodes), the content is anything but dated. The hosts delve into hot-button topics. These include gender representation, writing diverse characters, and using sensitivity readers.
  • Live recordings. If you enjoy witty banter, check out their recent live recordings. The hosts’ playful back-and-forth adds another layer of entertainment to the insightful discussions.

The Copywriter Club

Feeling stuck? Want to take your writing and business to the next level? The Copywriter Club podcast is your key to unlocking success.

The Copywriter Club delivers weekly interviews with talented copywriters, editors, and other content creators. Each episode is a valuable source of insights, packed with the triumphs, stumbles, creative processes, and daily habits of the best in the industry.

Here’s why you’ll love The Copywriter Club:

  • Learn from the best. Glean strategies and tactics directly from industry leaders, giving you a roadmap to writing success.
  • Combat the lonely grind. Writing can be isolating, but The Copywriter Club fosters a sense of community. Feel connected, inspired, and supported on your writing journey.
  • Actionable tips. Each episode overflows with practical takeaways you can implement immediately. Plus, written transcripts make it easy to revisit key points.
  • Bite-sized learning. Episodes average 50 minutes, fitting perfectly into your busy schedule.
  • Find your perfect episode. Whether you’re a copywriting newbie or a seasoned pro, there’s an episode waiting to fuel your creativity.

Writers, Ink

Is that unfinished manuscript of yours collecting dust? Do you dream of writing for a living, but feel crushed by the pressure of romanticised portrayals? Writers, Ink is the antidote you crave.

It offers practical, often blunt, advice. It’s tailored to writers handling the demands of modern life.

This podcast is your perfect companion if:

  • You’re serious about building a writing career.
  • You crave actionable strategies, not sugar-coated fantasies.
  • You’re short on time but high on ambition.

You’ll hear from industry professionals on various topics about being a working writer. Many of them are juggling lots of plates with their creative pursuits, which gives a more realistic portrayal of most of our realities. 

The Essential Guide To Writing A Novel

Dreaming of crafting your novel but feeling overwhelmed by the process? The Essential Guide To Writing A Novel podcast, hosted by seasoned author Jim Thayer, is here to be your compass.

Jim, a 14-novel veteran who honed his craft teaching at the University of Washington, brings a wealth of experience to the table.  No long-winded introductions here – Jim gets straight to the point, captivating listeners with his surprisingly youthful, enthusiastic (and yes, let’s be honest, ladies, delightfully deep) voice.  Imagine settling in for a one-on-one writing masterclass, with Jim’s crystal-clear audio guiding you on a transformative learning journey.

Here’s what makes The Essential Guide stand out:

  • Breaking things down. Complex writing concepts are broken down into digestible chunks, making them clear and actionable.
  • Showing, not telling. Tired of hearing about “showing vs. telling” but still confused? Jim uses the “show method” to teach the “show method,” masterfully illustrating the difference through engaging examples. 

Jim equips you with the tools to craft vivid scenes that practically leap off the page.

The Tiny Bookcase

Let’s face it, sometimes accents can be a minefield for comprehension. Think you aced British slang after binging Netflix? The Tiny Bookcase podcast might have you rethinking your fluency.

This UK gem hosted by Nico and Ben is hilarious and insightful. Be prepared to laugh out loud (even if you only catch 75% of the jokes).

Here’s why you should check it out:

  • Accentuate your writing. This podcast sheds light on the often-overlooked art of reading aloud. Discover how punctuation transforms into vocal performances, and how overcoming your inner introvert can elevate your writing for listeners.
  • From prompt to page-turner. Each episode features Nico, Ben, and a guest writer tackling a shared writing prompt. Prepare to be amazed by their creativity and storytelling prowess.
  • Laughter is the best medicine. Need a good chuckle? This podcast is a guaranteed mood-booster, whether you’re an aspiring writer or simply enjoy witty banter.

The Tiny Bookcase is a multi-purpose marvel. It’s a writing workshop, a masterclass in reading aloud, and a side-splitting comedy show all rolled into one.