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Cut through the noise with ReadablePro's key features and give your content marketing the boost it deserves.

ReadablePro equips you with everything you need to clarify your message, including text and file scoring.

We score everything with our industry-leading algorithms - including Word documents, PDFs, Markdowns and eBooks.

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Text Scoring

Our text scoring feature is where ReadablePro all began. Since then, we've packed it full of more handy features to guide you to improve your readability.

Simply paste any text into our text scoring feature and we'll guide you on how to improve your readability.

Our handy sidebar on the right of the text tool will tell you which parts of your text need the most attention, which you can click to navigate. Highlights and hover annotations will explain the issue it's highlighted and give you a suggestion of how to fix it.

There's nothing like visible progress to keep you motivated and productive - your score will update automatically as you edit.

After a few simple changes, you'll be amazed how much clearer your writing is.

File Scoring

Upload your current projects and let ReadablePro get to work scoring your document within minutes.

Files you can upload include Word documents, Open Document, CSVs of texts or URLs, Markdown, PDFs, eBooks and almost any other text format in use today.

Once your report is ready, we'll email you with a link to download it. You can also find your file stored on your account where you can view and edit it anytime.

Email Scoring

Got a newsletter to check for readability or just want to check that your correspondence is clear? Feel free to send a test email to us first with our email scoring feature.

Within a few minutes, we'll email you back to say your results are ready as with your file uploads.

You'll get a link to view, but your past email scores are stored and you can access them anytime.

You'll get an overall rating for your email and on viewing the results, you'll see your scores and the details of your scoring for your HTML and plain text content.

We know how important it is to write with clarity within all aspects of your campaign. Clear, concise emails are a crucial step to writing content your audience will love.

Try it now for free! Send an email to score-my-email@readablemail.com to have it scored automatically.

Bulk Scoring

Sometimes you may find you have a lot of text or URLs to score. Don't worry, we can handle that too!

Upload a CSV (a simple spreadsheet format which you can get from Excel, Calc or any other spreadsheet application) of text or URLs (or both, combined), and we will score every item individually. Much faster than doing them one at a time!

This means you could bulk-score all the URLs from a particular section of your website that needs attention. We'll give you an overall readability score for the CSV and a score for each URL included.

Bulk URL uploading is supported on all of our plans - ContentPro, CommercePro and AgencyPro.

All ReadablePro plans include

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Score URLs

Score Documents

Score Emails

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