Affiliate program

Earn 10% of the subscription value of each premium subscriber you refer to Readable.

Step 1: Register as an affiliate – it’s free.

Step 2: Direct as many people as possible to your unique referral URL.

Step 3: Profit! You earn 10% of the subscription fees of each subscriber you refer, for as long as they subscribe.

You can easily check your balance whenever you feel the need.

How quickly do they have to sign up to count as a referral?

We set a cookie for two weeks from the time the user visits the site. If they sign up during that time they will count as a referral.

What happens to my earnings?

We will use your earnings to reduce your subscription payments, if you have an active subscription.

What happens if I earn more in referral fees than my subscription costs?

We will show your referral fees earned as a total balance on this page, and when you earn over $20 (USD) contact us and we will send you the balance via Paypal.

How long do I earn money from each referral?

As long as they keep paying – we will continue to credit you as long as they keep their account.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

You will keep earning referral fees as long as your referrals keep their accounts.