Does readability matter?

First things first — what exactly is readability? Wikipedia defines readability as “the ease with which a reader can understand a written text.

14 March 2018 by Steve Linney - The 12 essential elements of high-quality content

The 12 essential elements of high quality content

We were very happy to be included in a blog by Jayson DeMers @ Some fantastic advice that every content marketer needs to know. “Quality content” is far more than just a buzzword marketers throw around for fun. It’s what savvy marketers strive for, and what […]

21 February 2018 by Steve Linney

Hip-hop ain’t top: new study reveals reading levels behind music lyrics

Are songwriting standards slipping at the top of the charts? @guardianmusic has their say. Is lyrical intelligence getting lower? A new study suggests the complexity of lyrics is declining, comparing words used in songs to reading levels in US schoolchildren.

21 February 2018 by Steve Linney

Approved by the UK Government

Readability is an issue we all need to be aware of and be acting on. So much so, the UK Government has released a set of guidelines for their social media activity. The government recommends

20 February 2018 by Steve Linney

What is readable content marketing and why do you need it?

There’s a wealth of online content aimed at your customers. How are you going to stop your competitors from getting the sale first? Simple. Give customers content that is readable.

15 February 2018 by Steve Linney

Four more words from Japanese that English really needs

English borrows from a large number of languages. Greek, Hebrew, and Arabic, to name a few. However, some amazing Japanese words are missing.

1 February 2018 by Steve Linney